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Tabletop SPIRIT #20 (our Summer 2023 issue)
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And we’ve got LOTS to celebrate!

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It’s 100+ pages packed
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You may not believe it, but we’re celebrating FIVE years of publication, and have put together yet another cracking issue for you. Yes, really!

Not only have we had the opportunity to talk at length with Reiner Knizia —about everything, pretty much— but we’ve also interviewed Allan Paul (Surprised Stare Games), Ellie Dix (The Dark Imp), and Piotr Rybak from

Tony Boydell is back with another ‘Cult of the Old’ featuring some very old games from his Museum of Boardgames, as is Simon Weinberg with another instalment from his series looking at the origin of game mechanics, this time it’s the Turn Order Selection mechanic!

Add in our Top Games from 2022, a quick look at some of the Indie designers you can meet at this year’s UK Games Exp, Howard Bishop talking about a selection of anthropormorphic roleplaying games (incl. Bunnies & Burrows) in another hugely entertaining RPG column, and we asked former Presidents Obama and Trump, and former PM Boris Johnson whether Brass: Birmingham was a worthy No.1 on

Oh, and there’s another puzzle and crossword of course, boardgame-related books reviewed, AND a whopping selection of game reviews (incl. The Dark Crystal Adventure Game RPG)…

Oh my! And yes, you’re welcome — it’s certainly a bumper package of tabletop gaming goodness!

We’re continuing to use hyperlinks throughout (usually in PINK) to make navigation as easy and hassle-free as possible, enabling you to jump straight to every feature and review in the magazine, and directly to the sites and resources our writers are talking about — note that clicking on the footers and side margins on every page will return you back to the Contents as well!

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