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Tabletop SPIRIT #12 (Spring 2020) is now available for download.

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And still absolutely FREE!

Tabletop SPIRIT #12

Our first issue for 2021 is here, and as always, it’s packed with interviews, features, reviews and opinion covering all manner of boardgame-related stuff.

In part two of our extensive interview with Sandy Petersen he reveals a lot about the business end of things during these tough times, while our chats with Richard Breese and Dan Hallagan open a window into the flipside of boardgame design. We also have Pevans waxing lyrical about his extensive collection of Martin Wallace games, and Riley Parks tells all about his own journey into the world of boardgaming. Couple that li’l lot with our top gaming picks for 2020 and a bunch of other stuff and you have yourself something just fine and dandy we hope! And yes, it’s still absolutely FREE!

We’re also continuing to use hyperlinks to make navigation as easy and hassle-free as possible, enabling you to jump straight to every feature and review in the magazine, and directly to the sites and resources our writers are talking about!

And finally, in the wake of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, we would like you all to stay safe, and take care of yourselves, your friends, and your families.

— Tabletop SPIRIT Magazine

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