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Tabletop SPIRIT #18
(our Winter / Xmas 2022 issue) is now ready and available
for download FREE!

It’s 90+ pages packed
with gaming goodness!

Welcome to our Winter / Xmas 2022 issue, wherein we’ve got several awesome interviews, plenty of reports and reviews, and the usual assortment of boardgaming goodness. We’ve also been working hard behind the scenes to give you all some Christmas inspiration for your boardgaming table over the festive period, so we hope you enjoy reading this issue just as much as we did putting it all together for you! And yes, of course we have some more boardgame-related puzzles for you, too, and yes, it’s all still totally FREE to download – it’s a 9MB file, though!

We’re continuing to use hyperlinks (usually in PINK) to make navigation as easy and hassle-free as possible, enabling you to jump straight to every feature and review in the magazine, and directly to the sites and resources our writers are talking about — note that clicking on the footers and side margins on every page will return you back to the Contents page!

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